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Rainbow line.

Please pardon our pixie dust as we Imagineer two entirely new weblands — Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm, still in their infancy. The site expansion will include ephemera, recollections, lost attractions, and current photos & videos. "Walt's Barn" - The Carolwood Pacific Historical Society will soon split from Railroad for it's own webland as well. Exciting changes are coming soon!

Rainbow line.
Résumé I am currently seeking employment.

Frank Wells & Wiz - More Photo AlbumPhoto Album - A few of my favorite photographs.
Disneyland Calendar
Knott's Calendar

Come play in the Wizard of Pinball's Buskers Playhouse in Pasadena.

Adjust Music Learn to play Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock, or Rochambeau Sulu, or Kai-bai-bo-boo-yea, or Muk-chi-ba-zing-ga!
Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock,
also known as:
AKA Rochambeau Sulu,
AKA Kai-bai-bo-boo-yea,
AKA Muk-chi-ba-zing-ga!

JPL news releases.

Planettrek <> a Solar System Scale Model for Pasadena.

Heavens-above Where is the International Space Station now?

Science on the web. This is a list of the Fifty Best websites(as ranked by Popular Science.)

Participate in the SETI@home is a scientific experiment that uses Internet-connected computers in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). You can participate by running a free program that downloads and analyzes radio telescope data.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

More Cosmic interests.

National Institute of Standards, Time, Network Time Protocol, Server list

Webcams on the net.

Web Based Radio on the net, like "I Still Get Demented"

Programming: Character List. Codes for odd characters, like: ¢ent, frac½, çcedil & éacute.

Walschaerts revealed [Walschaerts_motion.gif 26Kb] Railroad interests include membership in the Carolwood Pacific Historical Society Railroad Walt's Barn.


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  • over 200 one of a kind, original video streams, mostly Disneyland with lots of 3D. From ten minute parted series to momentary clips.
  • mostly Disneyland like the 3D Disneyland group.
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  • Being Human - the user-manual god forgot to provide on Wordpress dashboard
  • Dr. Disney Wizard on dashboard
  • My Famous Phone - Automatic Electric Model 80 Not particularly valuable but peculiarly rare Automatic Electric Model 40 factory rebuild.


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    The Wizard likes to Study:

    a statement in and of itself, but incorrect - for the Wizard LOVES to study. However, the Wizard likes to study the following…
    Usail: UNIX Education Workshop

    How to create and moderate newsgroups.

    The Wizard school. Technology Center Media Lab
    mailto:skimball @ Human Resources office, Administrative Services Building - Room 217 Student Services Center, Room 204, (310) 660-3453

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    Playing with tables?
    The Wizard is playing with cgi-scripts in the anagram page.

    The List of local access providers
    Re: Online connection.

    Search for Vincent van Gogh at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Getty Center job in the ArtScene

    I voted for the California tax hike to pay for 1-800-7-NO-BUTS and I quit cold-turkey in the Autumn of 2007. - Overwork at Home, be Dum like a Fux as viewed through truth glasses. Original, unedited, redlined website reveals the truth behind the "Crazy like a fox" ad, as seen on TV. And ask yourself this, why do I need to send them money for more information, when they could just publish all the information I'll ever need online, right here on their website?


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    Local traffic, and weather, Pasadena activities.

    Los Angeles Times SEARCH login mynews JOB Search
    for In the Sections of the Orange County Register
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    Please describe why this newsgroup should be created, how this should benefit the public and the lack of similar resources on the web. Respond to:NG=dejanews.members.arts.disneywizard.buskers


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