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Scripts† catalog or e-list request

How much

Chain letters U. S. Postal Inspection Service re: chainletters wrote:

Hi! I sent you this letter because your email address was on a list that fit this category. I am a fan of child pornography and for the past 4 years, I have been able to gather quite a collection of it. I have pictures, VHS tapes, posters, audio recordings, and games based on child porography. I am now selling my products (or trading for other child pornography). I have a complete color catalog of all my products now available. [snip pricelist for color catalog and video tapes]

RFC706 Jon Postel NIC #33861 / in-notes



Registry list

Port list

  1. Mail servers listen for connections on port 25; other servers and mail readers connect to send email using the SMTP protocol.

HELO [250 ok]

MAIL From:<> [250 ok]

RCPT [250 OK]

DATA [354 enter mail end with "." on a line by itself]

QUIT [221 closing connection]

  1. Web servers listen for connections on port 80; web browsers connect to this port to request web pages.
  1. Mail programs like Eudora Pro connect to this port to download email using the POP protocol

USER username [+OK pas]

PASS password [+OK message count]

UIDL unique-ID listing [+OK unique string]

RETR X where x is message number to retreive[+OK length]

DELE X mark message x for deletion on quit. [+OK message x deleted]

QUIT [+OK sign-off]

  1. Usenet news servers listen for connections on port 119; other news servers and news readers connect to exchange news articles, read news articles, or post news articles.

[200 posting ok]

[201 no posting]

POST [340 Ok to post. Send article followed by a "."]

. [240 artilce posted successfully.]

IHAVE <xxxxxxUIDLxxxx> [335 news to me! Send it!]

. [234 article transferred.]

NEWGROUPS 000206 140000 [235 New newsgroups since Feb02,2004, 2pm, article list]

ARTICLE <xxxx UIDLxxxx> [220 article follows]

QUIT [205 closing connection]


SMTP†The Simple Mail Transfer protool is the basic protocol used by mail servers to send messages to one another. A more advanced version of this protocol is any messages the server is holding for the computer

POP†The Post Office Protocol is a way for a computer to ask a mail server to send it any messages the server is holding for the computer.

IMAP†The Internet Message access Protocol can also be used to ask a mail server to send messages its holding. In addition, a mail program that speaks IMAP can manipulate the mailboxes on the mail server.

NNTP†The Network News Transfer Protocol is really two protocdols in one. Usenet news servers use it to send news articles to one another. News reader software uses it to get articles from, and post articles to, news servers.

Headers [sources where MUA=Mail User Agent, MTA=Mail Transport Agent, NR=News Reader, NS=News server]

SMPT FROM header or enelope sender. added by final destination mta

Received: header first shows from which host the message was received. The first hostname, is the name given after the HELO at the beginning of the SMTP conversation. [xx.xx.xx.xx IP address of real sender] mta

Path: records the computers through which the article travels. nr

NNTP-Posting-Host: hostname of the computer from which it received the article by NNTP. ns

Date: mua

Date: Sun, 6 Feb 2004 19:42:06 0800. nr(strongly typed)

From: mua, nr

To: mua

Newsgroups: alt.config nr

Followup-To: xxx.newsgroup.xxxx nr

Subject: mua, nr

Message-Id: unique identifying string. mua, nr(strongly typed)

X-Mailer: name of the MailUserAgent software. mua

CC: carbon copy. mua

BCC: blind carbon copy. mua

FCC: (File Carbon Copy?) path to folder /C|/Program Files/Netscape/Users/myself/mail/Sent

Reply-To: where replies to should be sent. mua

Sender: address of the manager of the mailing list. mailing list software

Resent-From: mua of the person forwarding

Resent-To: mua of the person forwarding

Resent-Reply-To: mua of the person forwarding

Prededence: bulk, junk. mua or other

Priority: standard mua or other

Xref: article number in local server database, one for eachgroup. ns

X-: user-defined headers. added at any stage

X-Mailer: email program that sent the message. mua

X-UIDL: unique-ID listing. mua

X-Priority: 1(Highest), 2(High), 3(Normal), 4(Low), 5(Lowest) mua

X-MSMail-Priority: High mua

X-Mozilla-Status: mua

X-Mozilla-status2: mua

X-Mozilla-News-Host: destination news server. Mua

X-Mozilla-Draft-Info: internal/draft; vcard=p/ receipt=p; uuencode=0; html=3/ linewidth=0.mua

X-Accept-Language; en


Content-Type: Text/html/ charset=us=ascii, multipart/mixed;boundary=""

Content-transfer-Encodeing: 7bit

MetaNews Contol Message Headers

Contol: newgroup alt.xxxx.xxxx

Contol: newgroup alt.xxxx.xxxx moderated

Contol: rmgroup rec.xxxxx.xxxx.

Contol: cancel <xxxxUIDLxxxxxx>

Approved: email address of the person issuing the message, must appear in newgroup and rmgroup.

Cmsg prepended to Control: header must be Subject and message.

Filtering email address

Mail to news gateways


Anonymous Private Idaho Windows anonAIMouS Mac

ftp://;ftp.acns.nwu.sdu/pub/newswatcher Yet-Another-NewsWatcher Mac Premail Unixx Procmail filteringunix

Channels Proxymate

Whois domain name registry.



Chainleters spammer in the slammer.

Spambouncer for procmail

Antispam MSexchange

adcomplain Perl

mspam perl perl modified


Cancel- thirdparty

Rogue sites

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