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"MIDI's Suck"— Lisa Berry
Well maybe the ones she's heard, to be fair I'll give her that, and I'm certain that she is confusing 1. her concept for 2. the fact. 1. - the tinny sound produced by sending an SMF to be interpreted by her laptop PC sound card and ribbon speakers - for 2. the information exchange protocol which is extremely good for sequencing and manipulating an enormous range of instruments simultaneously that MIDI essentially is. "It's like having a full orchestra packed into your room, and you are the conductor." — She hears lifeless guitars in a paper-thin band sequenced by amateurs. I envision the same file reproduced by a Roland SD-20 and glorious rows of well-trained professional instrumentalists who always play exactly what I've written, so I'm solely to blame if they blow wet mangey goats. Some people just have no imagination (yet can be enlightened where to look.)

There is a place for midi files in my heart.
When properly done, they are absolutely great for machine readable sheet music which can be studied, edited, printed, and fed into a wide variety of player applications, including forming an orchestron of daisy-chained instruments. I use a piece of crap GUI editor which crashes constantly, (like my early programming, every fifth action is CTRL-S to save, and it crashes after each save, and it saves non-transferable files in a proprietary format.) but I paid for a registered copy of Quickstart Studio Composer (the rebate never arrived!) and it allows Winamp to open a karaoke lyric playback window as well as realtime recording to midi files (an ungodly mess of notation without clicktrak) - so, there's that. And, having warned against Quickstart Studio Composer [bitter "pleh!"]; I recommend
msescore I highly recommend for those wishing to print, play, modify, share, sequence and explore my midi files. It is a free download under GNU General Public License v2 and which includes the essential key which Quickstart was sorely missing: tutorials and handbook both are brilliantly and clearly written with easy to navigate help for quick answers.
The MIDIs (Multiple Instrument Digital InterfaceWIKIPEDIA,) or actually the SMFs (Standard MIDI Files) featured on this website have been modified from others I've found on the net, or sequenced myself to prevent copyright infringement and constitute arrangements by myself - wiz. You can find them all gathered here:

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Songs of the Pogo
Buy on AmazonWalt Kelly - Songs of the Pogo

I've sequenced tunes not heard on the album here.

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The MidKar Group
The MidKar Group: The best place for your music.
The best place for your music.
(Join now!)

Blues, Country/Blues & Blues/Rock, Broadway, TV, & Movie Themes, Classical, Country, Bluegrass & Folk, Faith Based, Gospel, Inspirational, Holidays, Jazz & Jazz Standards, Miscellaneous, Original MIDI Compositions, Patriotic, Rock & Roll and Pop, Ragtime, Stride, World & Ethnic. LINKS: MIDKAR Member Links, Sequencer MIDI Links, MIDI Technical Links, Don Allen's Soundfonts, 2.02, and a few MUSIC Screensavers

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The Mudcat Cafe - Traditional Music and Folklore Collection and Community
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Blues, Themes, Classical, Country, Gospel, Holidays, Jazz, Miscellaneous, Original, Patriotic, Pop&Rock, Ragtime and World.

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The best guide to Free Mp3 Players

Here you can learn where to get free mp3 players on the web.

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midi melodies

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