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Letter and Telegram

You had time to read this, RIGHT? [37K]

Notebook in vestibule:

Beware the eye of Mara.
The muralMural. of Mara.
Item #14-B.
Painted with egg and natural pigments on wet plaster - has held up remarkably well. Mara The benevolent god Mara stands with closed eyes as a warning do not look into his eyes!!

The gifts of Mara.
These ancient artifacts are found in the great inner temples:
--The amulet of future knowledge. One glance into this mystic amulet will give you visions of future events!
--The bowl of earthly riches. This overflowing bowl is filled with gold and gems which are free for the taking!
--The fountain of eternal youth: one sip from this mystic vessel will restore youth to the aged and vigor to the ill!!
Language of Mara
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The temple of the forbidden eye outer or entry temple lost delta, India 180 BCd
Sculpture--49-B identical to mural design - in main office pending shipment. Tomb of the servants: Mummified remains of village Elders lurk in this dank chamber--very delicate! Do not disturb:
Indiana Mummified elder of servant of Mara.
When first discovered the temple was shrouded in jungle foliage. flood debris.
Inscription reads "Look not into the eye of Mara and you shall receive the gift of Eternal youth, Earthly riches or Future knowledge." Translated by Prof. Jones

Letter beside notebook in temple entrance:

Professor Indiana Jones                           Sept. 13,1935
Lost Delta Encampment

     I concur with your findings.
Visitors were lured to the temple with the promises of gifts,
but once they looked into the eyes of the god they were doomed.
I believe you can gain access to the inner temple
if you avoid this trap!
   Good Luck
 Abner Ravenwood

Telegram in temple entry:

Eastern Union Telegram
VH 95 LD=IJ WASH 12 16P
1935 SEPTEMBER 4 PM 302
Professor Indiana Jones, Lost Delta, India
Indy, The samples you sent are warnings stones. Very Important you translate before entering temple. Repeat—very important.

Abner Ravenwood

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