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Indy's office

Hidden Mickey and scroll.
The Scroll on Indy's desk is covering half of the red stripe of the genuine Mickey Mouse issue of Life Magazine.

The metal string pulls tied to the bottom of each atlas projection of the rollup map far in the back of Indy's office are shaped like Mickeys. Note that Shiva's upper right hand holds a compact disc.

The rollup calendar on the shelf is occasionally changed to reflect a significant date, usually the birthday of the person changing it.

Letters on Indy's desk:

June 4,1935
Greetings old friend. Here is the missing piece of the temple map! Fortune truly shines on the pure of heart! (and he who has a brother-in-law in the black market!) God go with you and I will join you as well.

July 5, 1936
Temple of the Forbidden Eye
Excavation Office
Received your letter detailing Indy's disappearance inside the temple. I am leaving at once. I suggest you keep the tours running. Perhaps one of them will locate Indy.
Marcus Brody

Also see Notebook, Letters and Telegrams in temple entry.
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