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I wrote this document to fit on both sides of a three fold brochure landscape printed on 8½x11"
A copy is in a binder at the wait times information booth at the Plaza (hub) of Disneyland.
An original is on file in the tower of the Temple of the Forbidden Eye attraction.
Print this and take it with you, then bask in the glory of your instant translation ability.
(or try practicing the game.)

Indiana Jones Adventure
Translations & Journal Entries

Inscription over doorway into entry to temple:
     Beware the eye of Mara.

Entry to temple:
     Look not into the eye of Mara and you shall receive the gift
     of eternal youth, earthly riches or future knowledge.

     It is forbidden to pass beyond this chamber without a servant
     of Mara to guide your path.  Heed this warning of risk
     incurring the wrath of Mara for doom awaits the unbeliever in
     the darkness beyond.

Obelisk of doom:
     [scarab=crocodile pit, skull=labyrinth of chaos, cobra=buried

Next to flooded maze:
     Only the blind shall see.

     Earthly riches.

     Only one spring can restore youth and vigor, choose wisely.

Wall north of fountain:
     Drink deeply the water of life.

Avenue of voices:
     The eye of Mara sees deceit.
     The eye of Mara never sleeps.
     Look not with your eyes but with your heart.
     Fortune favors the pure of heart.

Painted next to chiseled wall:
     True rewards await those [who] choose wisely.

Chiseled entrance to bat cave
>  marks missing words.
|  marks missing lines.
[] marks probable intent:
     Beware  the  deadly  booby  traps
     that >-[lie beyond the] hidden
     passage >         [rab]id bats
     pois[on spikes] >       [l]ead
     to death >      [eter]nal doom
     Mara >                  wealth
     evil >          [w/s]ould quit
     as >                       eye
     kill >             [t]o jammed
     spikes >              [des]ire
     you >                   virtue.

Rolling Stone gate:
     The gates of doom are ever open.

Spike room:

Hall of descending blocks:

Rotunda calendar Sarcophagus (circle):
     The pure of heart are protected beneath the watchful eye of
     Mara, woe to the unworthy who pass beneath.

Rotunda calendar Sarcophagus (four corners):
     Plow the field.
     Plant the seed.
     Reap the harvest.
     Tribute to Mara.

Altar of stone tablets (in theater):
     Behold the gifts of Mara.

Three tablets:
     The Observatory of the Future.
          Behold the amulet of Mara and you shall see visions of
          the future.  But beware the eye of Mara.
     The Chamber of Earthly Riches.
          Wealth beyond your wildest imagination lies within and
          is yours for the taking.  But beware the eye of Mara.
     The Fountain of Eternal Youth.
          One sip from the eternal spring shall renew vigor and
          youthful spirit.  But beware the eye of Mara.

Above queue split:
     Beware the eye of Mara, one look will lead through the tunnel
     of torment to the gates of doom.

At top of stairs:
     Mara shall guide you through the doorway of your most secret
     desire in the chamber of destiny.

Hall of promise at exit from the transport (both sides):
     Only the pure of heart shall gain admittance into the chamber
     of destiny.

Tablet on dock:
     Gates of Doom.

Wizened words form the archeologist in the burial chamber under the
rotunda calendar:
Leave off the rope old chap, be a good fellow.  I have a
frightfully valuable artifact down here.  Oh no [crash.]  I had a
terribly valuable artifact down here.

I say leave off the rope old chap, be a jolly good sport.  I say
uh oh… oh no… blimey [fall, thud]

I say quit mucking about up there.  Oh blast, not again [fall,

Blast it all, you don't want to pull the rope.  [crash] oh dear.

Careful while I translate this… Let's see "twenty years of sorrow
to the destroyer of this vessel" [crash.]

Notebooks and letters:

     Notebook in vestibule:
Beware the eye of Mara.  The mural of Mara. Item #14-B.  Painted
with egg and natural pigments on wet plaster - has held up
remarkably well.  The benevolent god Mara stands with closed
eyes as a warning do not look into his eyes!!
The gifts of Mara.  These ancient artifacts are found in the great
inner temples: --The amulet of future knowledge. One glance into
this mystic amulet will give you visions of future events!  --The
bowl of earthly riches. This overflowing bowl is filled with gold
and gems which are free for the taking!  --The fountain of eternal
youth: one sip from this mystic vessel will restore youth to the
aged and vigor to the ill!!
Language of Mara Letters:

The temple of the forbidden eye outer or entry temple lost delta,
India 180 BCd
Sculpture--49-B identical to mural design - in main office pending
Tomb of the servants: Mummified remains of village Elders lurk in
this dank chamber--very delicate! Do not disturb:  Indiana
Mummified elder of servant of Mara.
When first discovered the temple was shrouded in jungle foliage.
flood debris.
Inscription reads "Look not into the eye of Mara and you shall
receive the gift of Eternal youth, Earthly riches or Future
knowledge." Translated by Prof. Jones

     Letter beside notebook in temple entrance:
Professor Indiana Jones                             Sept. 13,1935
Lost Delta Encampment, India

     I concur with your findings.  Visitors were lured to the
temple with the promises of gifts, but once they looked into the
eyes of the god they were doomed.  I believe you can gain access
to the inner temple if you avoid this trap!
Good Luck
Abner Ravenwood

     Telegram in temple entry:
Eastern Union Telegram
VH 95 LD=IJ WASH 12 16P
1935 SEPTEMBER 4 PM 302
Professor Indiana Jones, Lost Delta, India
Indy,  The samples you sent are warnings stones. Very Important you
translate before entering temple.  Repeat--very important.
Abner Ravenwood

Letters and telegrams on wall beside Indy's office
Today I'm trying out the hidden passage we talked about.  I'm
convinced it leads to the "Jewel of Power."  I know you wanted to
go with me but I need you out here to keep the tourists in line.
If one of them decides to go eyeball to eyeball with the god, its
adios amigo.  Indiana

Eastern Union Telegram
WDI 95 DL=IJ Glen 721
Lost delta Excavation Site, India
Sallah, Learned of the news of Indy's disappearance.  Study all
references to the "gates of doom."  They seem to guard the "Jewel
of Power" perhaps Indy made it past the lethal force of that trap
then he would have found the immense cavern where the Jewel is
stored.  Abner Ravenwood

Mr. Sallah,                                         July 12, 1935
Temple Excavation Site
Lost Delta

     Greetings, good work cleaning out that infernal spike chamber!
Imagine!  We had no idea some of them were poisoned!  Will send an
antidote as soon as possible!  In the meantime, please make sure
the tourists are not inconvenienced by this nuisance.
Sir I.M. Wooly
British Colonial Affairs

Indianensis Universitatis Sigillum MDCCCXX
1401 Flower street, Laurence, Indiana
                                                      Oct. 1,1935
Professor Indiana Jones,
Lost Delta Encampment, India
Professor, Marcus Brody informed us that you have located the
temple.  We are anxiously awaiting reports.  By the way, an old
friend of yours-a Dr. Bellog-called and I passed along your
whereabouts to him.  I believe he wants to join you at the site:
Best of Luck.
Regards-Professor Kauffman.

Mr Sallah                                            July 3, 1936
Temple Excavation Site
Lost Delta, India
     My good man,  We are sympathetic to Jones' "grave questions"
About the safety of the site.  But we are not prepared to shut it
down at this time - Carry on!  You are doing a smashing job getting
the tourists through unharmed.  Regards,  Col. Blumbard
Attache' to the Consul General
British Colonial Affairs

June 6.1936
Lost Delta Encampment, India
Rotten luck Reports of "Temple of the Forbidden Eye" have hit the
newspapers and newsreels.  It's shaping up to be the biggest thing
since Santa Claus.  Counting on you to control the feeding frenzy
until I return.  Have deciphered a new map that may dead to the
power source of the temple.  I intend to try.  Watch out for that
snake Bellog!  Indiana

                         National Museum
                     Division of Antiquities
                        521 Rodier Street
                         Washington D.C.
                                                  October 12,1935
Indiana Jones
Lost Delta Encampment

Dear Indy,
     Received the rubbings yesterday.  Pictographs tell of
gifts þ eternal beauty, riches, et cetera.  But warning in the lower
left was added at a much later date.  Something about eyes and
death.  I can't quite make it out.  I'm still working on it.
George Marshall
Division of Antiquities
National Museum

August 10,1935
Indiana Jones
Lost Delta Encampment,

     So you have found the mysterious temple of the forbidden eye!
Congratulations!  But please proceed with caution.  Sources in
Calcutta tell me this temple of yours has a darker side.  Legend
has it that Pilgrims who were lured there with promises of great
gifts were never seen again!
Yours truly,
Abner Ravenwood

Letters in Indy's office:

June 4,1935
     Greetings old friend.  Here is the missing piece of the temple
map!  Fortune truly shines on the pure of heart! (and he who has
a brother-in-law in the black market!)  God go with you and I will
join you as well.

July 5, 1936
Temple of the Forbidden Eye
Excavation Office

     Received your letter detailing Indy's disappearance inside the
temple.  I am leaving at once.  I suggest you keep the tours
running.  Perhaps one of them will locate Indy.
Marcus Brody

Notes on Maps, Rubbings and Drawings:

Temple of the forbidden eye, Lost delta region, India.  Discovered
by Dr. Indiana Jones Circa 1935 - Flood debris.  It is theorized
that the temple was buried in a flood over 2004 years ago.  Much
of the temple, however, was built in underground chambers. [in red]
Watch out for the crocks.  Get some reinforcements up here before
a stone falls and kills someone, Indy.

Snake column braziers once used to light ceremonial fires.  Bas
relief in 'promise of youth' corridor - note empty husk of elder.
Wall paintings in promise of youth corridor depicting the old
transforming into the youthful.

Common Motif found throughout the temple complex:
Bowl: Earthly Riches
Jug: Fountain of Youth
Amulet: Future Vision

Bas relief found in hall of promise
Indy believes the bas relief depicts Mara looking into the minds
of his worshipers to discover their greatest secret desire - note
eyes are closed so it is safe to look at this Mara.

Youthful Mara statue A 612 13X found in the promise of youth
corridor - 12'-0" approx.

Absolutely no snakes in my office!! Indy.

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