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Temple of the Forbidden Eye, Adventureland, Disneyland®:

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Myths of the temple. ©Disney
Queue area and pre show description. ©Disney
Technology we enjoy but don't notice. ©Disney
Now open.©Disney
Official Disneyland Indiana Jones Page
Fact Sheet - Orange County Register via Sean's Disneyland® home page.
Opening Day review. - San Fransisco Chronicle
Superbowl news. - San Fransisco Chronicle
Jeff's Disneyland Memories by Jeff A. Keller Photographic Review.
Indiana Jones™ and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye Tyler Jones' sneak peek with photos.
Hidden Mickeys of Adventureland Tom Shaw presents this page from Hidden Mickeys of Disney
Secrets of the Mara Tom Shaw presents another page swiped directly from my script in Hidden Mickeys of Disney
Disney News Groups
Police Scold Disney on Accidents Pain and suffering in the park. 01-10-1999 "There is no evidence of any death at Disneyland - EVER!"—Wiz. referring to Christmas Eve Columbia Disaster.
Disneyland's Indiana Jones Adventure: A look back at the 1995 grand opening ceremonies by Frank Anzalone, Mouse Planet staff photographer
"TimeCastle" location on WikiMapia On the occasion of Disneyland's 40th Anniversary, several items were placed inside the "Time Castle," to be opened 40 years later in 2035. (The hatch actually conceals a pump, and the time Castle and its contents are in a storage facility, to be returned just before July 17, 2035.)

Other parks:

"Indiana Jones® Adventure -- Temple of the Crystal Skull,"
Tokyo DisneySeas Visitors Boarding well-worn transports to the jungles of Lost River Delta will join intrepid "Indiana Jones" on a perilous journey through the secret corridors of a foreboding Central American pyramid.
Disney's second Park in Japan and the first in the world themed to myths and legends of the sea will open to the public on September 4, 2005, next to Tokyo Disneyland Park on the shores of Tokyo Bay. The new Park promises Guests brand new Disney entertainment experiences. [review not yet available]
Behind the Indiana Jones Thrill Rides details all of the Disney Park attractions including Captain EO and Star Tours.

The Games:

Indiana Jones™ and his Desktop Adventures Product Spotlight
Indiana Jones™ Pinball Adventure.
Genuine Smithsonian Leather Jacket and Fedora worn by Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark

The Merchandise:

Indiana Jones™ Adventure Outpost and cart.
The Disney Stores in your area (I'm certain that they don't still carry merchandise.)
The Indiana Jones™ Jacket ($425)
Four leaf clover Zippo lighter ($22)
Adventure Kermit action figure ($15) Exclusive new 5" figure comes complete with five

Just Disneyland:

My friend, Doobie Moseley, changed the name of his Doobie's Disneyland Home Page! to Laughing, they provide accurately researched Disneyland information in a fun format.

All of the above:

The Indiana Jones™ WWW page brought to you by Micah Johnson.
A frequently updated comprehensive Indiana Jones™ page.

Indiana Jones web ring.
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If you have information on Disney/MGM's Indiana Jones™ Stunt Show
The Indiana Jones™ Temple du Peril mine shaft roller coaster with an inversion at Disneyland® Paris
"Indiana Jones® Adventure - Temple of the Crystal Skull" at Tokyo DisneySeas, or the shops associated with them like the Indiana Jones™ Adventure[land] Outpost here in Disneyland® Please contact me [below].

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