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Indiana Jones Adventure, Temple of the Forbidden Eye, Jones Discovers the Jewel of Power

The Indiana Jones(tm) Adventure
Temple Queue and Pre-Show

Before guests board their military troop transports for their "promising" adventure inside the Temple of the Forbidden Eye, they must first traverse the troublesome terrain of the temple queue! More so than with any other Disneyland attraction, the queue for the Indiana Jones(tm) Adventure allows guests to interact and involve themselves in the story line.

The journey begins as guests step from the safe boundaries of Adventureland into The Lost Delta region of India (circa 1935). With artifacts and other relics tagged and crated all around, they will find themselves in the jungle base camp of Professor Jones' latest archaeological discovery.Temple visitors are transported back to the 1930s with the sights and sounds of a time gone by. Overseas radio broadcasts, with vintage music and "news of the day" from the worldwide news source, "Eye On The Globe," echo from a nearby tent.The site is complete with its own sputtering generator, excavation mine cars, and a loading dock stocked with treasures for shipment on the "Jungle Cruise" boats.Traditional Indian Naga stones and other partially buried artifacts, overgrown with jungle foliage, warn of the danger that may lie ahead, should any visitor dare to continue. The entire area fills the senses with the atmosphere of this mythical place.

Crossing the threshold of the temple, past stone-carved snake guardians and under an archway engraved in the native language of "Maraglyphics," guests are warned to "Beware the eye of Mara."The safe path to follow, marked by Indiana Jones(tm) on his preliminary excavation, moves explorers from ante-chamber to corridor to cave, winding down into the subterranean earthen fortress of the deity. The skeletal remains of the "not-so-cautious" previous visitors lay near sprung booby traps as a warning of potential peril. The great "Obelisk of Doom" looms at a crossroad, with each of its four sides foreshadowing a course of possible destruction, from giant snakes and spearing by spikes to deadly rats and engulfment byflames.

Through the eerie dampness of bat-filled caves and the precariously poised "Spike Chamber," which has been known to test the strength of its supporting bamboo post, guests will find themselves in a narrow corridor that opens into the temple's calendar room. Shafts of light streaming through the domed ceiling of this large rotunda reveal more of the temple's foreboding history. Pictographs encircle this once-sacred chamber showing the native people offering humble gifts to Mara while shielding their eyes. In the center of the rotunda an archaeologist can be heard digging deep inside an ancient well.Excavation platform rigging, scaffolding and rope pulleys weave through the crumbling columns and lead guests into a final chamber.

Indy's trusted friend Sallah, always the businessman, has started an entrepreneurial enterprise of temple tours. Within this chamber, a make-shift projection room has been set up for a presentation of tour safety rules. Narrating this slide show himself, Sallah acquaints his guests with the modified troop transports they're about to board, and reminds them of both the treasures to be had and the curse to avoid.

Between presentations, a rickety projector shows the latest "Eye On The Globe" newsreels with highlights of the temple's discovery. It was from these same newsreel broadcasts that would-be fortune hunters and tourists from around the planet got their first look at the temple's mysterious offerings.Images brought back from the base camp included that of a young boy, who avoided the gaze of Mara, receiving the gift of Earthly Riches and an aging Hollywood film star, Nora West, who sipped from the Fountain of Eternal Youth, and was restored to her former beauty. Even Sallah, promoting his own temple tours, entered the Chamber of Destiny and received the Future Knowledge that someday baseball players would be paid million-dollar salaries... this only served to discredit any truth of the temple myth.

The wave of publicity that covered the globe also showed the possible danger in these temple excursions.For the most part, it seemed that Sallah's tours were a safe way to move visitors through the inner chambers of the temple, but there was just one problem...while most vehicles returned from the temple with one of the three magical gifts, some came back empty... no gifts and no guests!"Eye On The Globe" reports that grieving relatives have pleaded for the return of their loved ones. Indiana Jones(tm), at the request of Sallah, entered the temple to investigate and hasn't been seen in days. He could be lost somewhere in the temple's catacombs, or worse yet, perhaps he too has met with his destiny beyond the "Gates of Doom."

From the film room, visitors are directed up the final corridor to their vehicles. Along the way, they pass Indy's office, where he had been busy cataloging all manner of artifacts and ancient treasure for the museum back home. Winding down to the main tour dispatch area, and with a few final instructions from Sallah and his able assistants, they board their troop transports. Just beyond this loading platform, mirrors have been placed so that explorers can safely watch as the vehicle just ahead of them passes through one of the doorways inside the Chamber of Destiny. What doorway will you enter?Can you avoid the gaze of Mara? The Chamber of Destiny is just around the next corner, your adventure is about to begin.

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