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Locating the Temple of the Forbidden Eye.

The complete scroll on Indy's desk.

This ancient scroll wound upon two staves crested with golden snakes, which lies on Indy's desk, helped lead Indiana Jones to this Temple. Its lower left corner has been restored thanks to the help of Salah's brother-in-law in the dangerous yet lucrative black market. That missing portion contained an index the starting point of the journey, without which we couldn't begin to search for the temple's actual location.

On the one hand there is the Observatory of the Future, beside this translation "Beware the false pathways that lead to death." On the other hand is the Fountain of Eternal Youth, near the translation "Beware the deadly booby-traps that lurk within," and on the remaining hand is your destiny in wealth inside the Chamber of Earthly Riches. It also clearly demonstrates death of an unbeliever by fire, just above the translation:
"Temple of the Forbidden Eye"
"Look not into the eyes of Mara and you shall gain admission to the temple of your greatest secret desire."

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Journal: Secrets of the Temple of the Forbidden Eye
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