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Rope Bridge.

Twisting flame emits beams of ectoplasm!

Mara's eye gazes Dangerously.

O.K. Who looked into the eye?!

Shield you eyes from view. The gaze from the rotting effigy of Mara is still seismically active with flame in the eye, which emits a savagely brutal beam destroying everything in its path. When we crossed the hazardous trembling rope bridge the explosions caused by the stare from the likeness of Mara snaps the support beneath our car nearly sending us plunging into the bubbling molten rock below which sears the dropping fragments of rope as the touch the surface before bursting into flame and pressing dents into our fenders like hammers on tinfoil.


Can your careening car cross the chasm on the creaking cradle? Look to your right, another car enters the chamber and swerves to narrowly miss plunging into the molten lava below. At the far end of the bridge another car is heading straight for us straight across the bridge in a head on collision!

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Updated on 2012.12.05.

Rope Bridge line

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Journal: Secrets of the Temple of the Forbidden Eye
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