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Mara Glares past guests into lava pit.

Explorers on the Indiana Jones™ Adventure encounter the "Cavern of Bubbling Death." A twisted menagerie of swirling lava, fireballs and falling debris, the cavern has as its menacing centerpiece a 45-foot-tall decaying skull of Mara. All pathways inside this massive subterranean cavern lead to unspeakable peril including a precarious path high above a molten pit. There's no turning back as the suspension bridge sways from the heat of steam vents below and Mara's destruction beams launch fireballs all around with it's flaming gaze.


Can your careening car cross the chasm on the creaking cradle? Look to your right, another car enters the chamber and swerves to narrowly miss plunging into the molten lava below. At the far end of the bridge another car is heading straight for us straight across the bridge in a head on collision!

As the transport is coming out
of the darkness, it is attractive to Mara's flaming gaze.
We begin across the rope bridge which spans the sulfurous pit. Suddenly struck by Mara's flaming gaze, the transport blows a rubber
tire or stalls for a moment as another oncoming transport baring down from the other end flashes it's headlights,
signaling imminent collision. Luckily the other transport turns tail from the rope bridge. The transport then accelerates across the rope bridge which sways and swings beneath it. The massive stone Mara/skull continues to shoot light streams at the rope bridge and transport from the tornado flame in it's eye, to blow them away. The transport turns up right, when it makes it
safely across.

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Rope Bridge line

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Journal: Secrets of the Temple of the Forbidden Eye
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