You reach down and pick up the sandal and knife. Briskly wedging the strange looking shoe under the door it is too late to prevent him from unlocking the latch. You turn and begin washing your face as though having servants forcing their way in were an everyday occurrence. He forces the door but the sandal holds it shut. "If you will just come back later I'm sure we can help you together." you calmly say as you hear the pounding of your heart echoing off of the mirror.

"Do not perform dumb with me. You know what I will have. It's in there with you." as he twists and warps the door, abruptly stopping. "I..." stepping away from the door "have waited..." taking a deep breath "too long for this!" lunging and intruding with a collision.

You do know what he will have and clutching the amulet of future knowledge you brace for the impending doom. Shock as if you had placed your thumb into the lamp socket accompanies his thunderous crash as the walls shake your eardrums. Toiletries fall and the throw rug slides and the soap is launched down from your hand like a fresh watermelon seed.

Regaining his balance and stepping backwards in these tight quarters he is surprised that he sees the amulet through the thick material of your shirt and by the wet bar of soap under his heel. Another crash follows as the delicate portion where his spine meets his skull disagrees with the edge of the bidet about the occupancy law of physics. A Webbly .455 revolver descends to the floor from his open jacket.

"You have..." he gurgles into unconsciousness twitching like a bad dream. You drop the useless receipt onto his chest and remove the decoy necklace from his pocket. Picking up the gun you say "You won't be needing this." and wrapping it in a towel you close the door behind you locking the door and silently thanking him for his keys.

The sound of running feet on the deck outside is approaching.

If you run outside screaming in terror, turn to page 15.
If you peek through the curtains for a glimpse of your new visitors, turn to page 18.
If you decide to hide by locking yourself in the bathroom, turn to page 14.

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