"Bloody murder!" you scream lunging face first out onto the deck. The two dark men who were rushing ahead of Salah and Aunt Marion lift you gently by the shoulders before entering your stateroom.

"Another nightmare of dark foreboding?" asks Salah, "You should sleep more carefully and, ah, how should I put it, loosen your collar a little."

You exclaim "I just killed a man! He was trying to break into the bathroom, he slipped. I think I broke his neck!"

"Why you would kill a man for breaking into the lavatory I do not understand. How you could break his neck I do not believe. It is preposterous, You are to nice and so..."

"Salah! Be kind! Perhaps we should see for ourselves." Marion interrupts.

"Yes. I should like to see this myself with my very own eyes. Shall we step inside? This will be amazing, fantastic, incredible!"

William and Eric, the two dark men who assisted you up from the deck are leaning on the large steamer trunk talking amongst themselves. "I wonder what was eaten before falling asleep. Could it be too much of the rich chocolate?" "Mmm. That sounds good. Maybe the noise from the ballroom upstairs caused a lack of sleep at night." "Or both..."

"No! Look he's right in here" you point to the open door of the water closet, empty but for a few drops of water spilled onto the floor. "I swear it was real! It wasn't a dream. Look here are his keys and he dropped this!" You show them the gun. "I couldn't have made up Indy's second favorite weapon!"

"That was in the crate next to Indy's shipment of bamboo. Have you been down in the hold? I hope you haven't been playing with that! It could be dangerous." a very concerned Marion asks.

And Salah in disbelief asks at the same time "If it wasn't a dream then where's the body? Maybe it just vanished into thin air like the 'Hindu rope trick'. Ha ah! I think its just like your nightmare of crashing through a branch of rats after escaping a pit of boiling lava!"

"No. I haven't. I don't know. I didn't. It didn't. It is. It is not." you try to answer and explain, but you are not convincing and both of your friends are shaking their heads as you are made to feel ineffectual by answering their questions properly.

"I believe a visit to the ships doctor is in order." says Salah. Marion agrees "So do I."

"I'm hungry let's have some chocolate." "I'm going to the ballroom for dinner theater." say the dark pair.

In sick bay the doctor proclaims you experienced shock. "Tell us something we don't know!" you sarcastically think to yourself. He recommends warmth and rest. So for the next two days you are kept in the stateroom while Marion wears the amulet.

You rest frequently but check the large steamer trunk as often. All of your dreams are as normal as they are boring.

Salah brings you meals and looks well fed himself. Most of the time you hear him boasting to anyone who will listen while he relaxes in a deck chair outside your cabin.

Occasionally you ask to go out and stroll the deck or play a game. But Marion reminds you that you are here to protect her and the amulet as much as to cover your story.

You have no choice, turn to page 21.

Hint: There are more than a single way to reach the end. However some endings are better than others. This book is not just a book of spectacular endings. It is like a Zen Buddhist's journey, there are no destinations, only travel and flow punctuated by clues and events. Some paths offer better clues. Congratulations on surviving the adventurous beginning!

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