You approach the window carefully to peek between the curtains and see two dark men running straight for your cabin! The door is locked, they can't come in, but you have no place to hide except...

You open the large steamer trunk, brush the hanging clothes aside and crawl in as you try to shut the lid. Loud voices can be heard outside. It's Salah and Marion who unlock the door and enter, although it's a bit of a squeeze for Salah. You feel relief then dismay as the swarthy pair follow them in.

"Where could he be?" your good friend Salah says as he searches for you, "This door is locked. Master! Are you in there. Quickly give me the key."

"I'll open it," Aunt Marion demands, turning the key in the washroom lock, "We don't want to frighten...Oh!" All four stare at the body strewn wall to wall like an over-sized bear rug as you emerge from the trunk.

"William, that's him, the one I told you about" The shorter of the two very tall men says to the other. "He doesn't look so dangerous now, Eric."

"He was when I met him!" you startle everyone, emerging from the trunk you say, "He wanted something of Indy's but I got it back." showing the gun.

"Better than in the back!" Salah quips.

"This isn't a good time for a good time, Salah. Here, help me pull him out of there." Marion directs. "All of that muscle is useless now."

"Just lift his arms so I can drag him out by the hands. Marion, you run and tell the captain we have a dead man here, for you run much better than I." Salah says as Marion agrees while helping him get his grip. "I can not believe such a large Goliath was felled by you, master. You should change your name to David." he puffs, struggling with the corpse while Marion dashes from the cabin.

You respond, "I'm not sure I believe it myself. I've been having so many bad dreams lately and this one came true. It happened just like the nightmare."

Eric reaches down for the receipt and hears a low moan as he examines it. "Here, let us take him out. He won't trouble the two of us. We'll put him on ice and bring back some sherbet while you talk to your friend about what happened." as William takes his feet.

"Ah, thank you very, very much indeed, come master sit and tell me all about it."

You describe the events until the captain arrives with Marion. He wants a detailed report. He tells you the true ships purser was found lashed up in the vault, but only his uniform was missing.

"Couldn't understand it. All that wealth, not a copper pilfered." he said in a long winded thickly British speech.

"Maybe he wanted something more valuable." you offer before he leaves.

During the rest of the voyage Marion wears the amulet while Salah orders frequently from the galley and loyally stays nearby protecting both of you. It feels like homework again as you complete your report to the captain early. You find it much more fun writing a journal of the amulet induced dreams you had.

Turn to page 21.

Hint: There are more than a single way to reach the end. However some endings are better than others. This book is not just a book of spectacular endings. It is like a Zen Buddhists journey, there are no destinations, only travel and flow punctuated by clues and events. Some paths offer better clues. Congratulations on surviving the adventurous beginning!

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