He points to the line of detail under Description. Examining the receipt reading Pendant, necklace, value £350 you tell him "Oh! I know just the one." and open your aunts jewelry box lid. Swinging out the necklace wheel you hand the purser a circular bauble representing a two headed bird surrounding a polished ruby eye and strange glyphs around the edge. A hurried choice will have to do. Exchanging it for the receipt original that you pocket, you thank him and excuse your self to the water closet.

Quickly! I have to think! You reach into your pocket grabbing the receipt hastily looking for the signature. Out of your pocket falls your red pocket knife, a gift from Indiana Jones. The script on the receipt isn't that of your aunt Marion, in fact it's spelled Maroin and matches the script of the detail line!

You turn and lock the door and remove the skeleton key just before the purser twists the handle and says "This is not the amulet I'm sent to protect. Will you please join me out here to find the correct one?"

Things don't look right. Why does he call it the Amulet? His clothes are right and this is definitely the ships paperwork, but there is a formality about this man and the only crew with such rugged features and strength are the ones in engineering and below in the hold.

"I'm going to be occupied quite awhile. Come back when my aunt returns."

You sigh in relief as you hear him jingle his keys, walk out the door and lock it.

"I'll give you a three count to exit, else I'm coming in after you!"

HE LOCKED US IN! This is certainly not the behavior of a servant. Looking down you see a pair of high heeled cork sandals, your knife and above, soap and a towel.

You hear him choosing a key and decide that this man shouldn't be trusted. He is coming in because you're not going out there!

Should you:
Grind the corkscrew of the knife into the keyhole, preventing the entrance of his key,
page 11.
Turn on the water and pretend to wash your face, page 13.
Jam one of the sandals under the door, page 9.

Rope Bridge line

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