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You retrieve the knife, easily finding the corkscrew and opening it in time to twist it into the keyhole.

"What's wrong with this..." he shouts from his red veined, white capped, blue eyed face as he realizes that it is no use trying to open the door, his master key won't fit. In a rage he upturns the jewelry box, tears open the mattress, rummages through the trunk and litters the room with broken glass and debris.

He stays for half an hour opening and destroying everything until running footsteps can be heard on the deck outside.

Marion opens the door with her key and the man lunges out to escape only to be halted by the wall of a man, Salah.

Judging by the destruction inside that something is missing, Salah pins the mans elbows behind him while Marion examines his pockets. Removing the gun, then the keys and the necklace, they both call for aid to the gathered crowd while the masquerader protests.

"This is my necklace! You took it from my jewelry case. This gun belongs to Indiana Jones, what have you done with him?" Marion displays.

Salah says, "What we have here is a thief! Bring the Sergeant at Arms. You sir, are going to the brig."

"I have a receipt for that. The room was a mess when I arrived. Let me go. I have never met the man." complains the prisoner.

You wash your face and take a towel to wipe the sweat from your brow. Unlocking the door with your key you step outside saying "He wanted something else of Indy's. I think he would have killed me for it! He said he was the purser. He forged this." You show the receipt to Marion.

Two dark men that followed your friends quietly slip away from the crowd and talk before disappearing.

Several members of the crew join your group and remove the prisoner in handcuffs.

For the next two days Salah stands guard outside, brings food from the kitchen where he likes to visit frequently, and brags to strangers while nibbling fruit from a tray. Marion wears the amulet and makes good company telling you of her visions. You help stow the strewn mess and remember that it's much easier cleaning your room with friends. You're glad it wasn't you who broke the mirror.

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