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Emergency or Evacuation stop

101 Exit Pass front.

The E-stop is a park wide term for a ride going '101' (one oh one) or down, meaning inoperative, which reminds me of college numbering system for courses that review the basics.

It sounds much better as 101 than "Oh my Mouse! We're going to have to EVACUATE!" instilling more confidence and less panic in the guests. Normally it is safest and most convenient, when possible, to leave the guests in their seats and cycle the attraction through to unload them. This is not always practicable and most guests are disappointed when a cast member comes to instruct guests in evacuation procedures, open restraints to release guests and walk them to the loading platform. Then there is me. I only wish I had brought my camera aboard, when the lights come on, for this rare opportunity to walk alongside the track inside this mega-attraction without getting in trouble. At least I got a cool 101 Exit Pass backExit Pass that has a great note from Indy and some fascinating temple facts and will allow me to walk into the exit of many of the other attractions right away or back onto Indy when they are again loading guests without waiting in line again.

Rope Bridge line

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Rope Bridge line

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