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The Education of a Busker

So, what's a busker, you might ask. Well, I don't rightly know. I am sure that I am certainly continuing to discover what a busker is. Perhaps like Peter Pan we could ask "What Makes a Red Man Red?" for even the red man himself can tell you about melenin pigment, and about heredity, but cannot answer the reason and purpose of his redness.

In this sidebone to The Buskers Playhouse I expound that which I know about busking. Listen up, many folks have paid $100 per hour for these nuggets you can read for free, word to your grandmother and by the way it was your grandmother that told me "It's better[, cheaper, less painfull,] to learn from the mistakes of others than to make those mistakes yourself"

  1. The Infamous Parrot Story (AKA: Cruise Ship)
  2. The Wizard formaly introduces himself as a legend in his own time.
  3. The Wizard introduces his former self as a legend in his own mind.
  4. How can I improve and polish my act?
  5. Where Do I Make My Pitch?
  6. Audience
  7. The busker-audience relationship.
  8. Busking legalities across the country.
  9. Busking protocol.
  10. What tricks do buskers use?
  11. Rules & Regulations in different cities,
  12. Festivals.
  13. Traveling Partners.
  14. The effect of busking on a relationship.
  15. Female buskers.
  16. Busking parents/Children of buskers.
  17. Busking seasons/Chistmas busking.
  18. Mainstream view of Buskers.
  19. Police and busking.
  20. Buskers organizing/march on Washington(!!!)
  21. Jealousy of good buskers/territorial fears.
  22. Busker-Busker ethics & relationship.
  23. Appearance.
  24. Using volunteers.
  25. Using comedy.
  26. Generating ideas.
  27. Busking & selling something.
  28. Busking for kids.
  29. Busking at beaches.
  30. Busking outside sporting events.
  31. Music & sound.
  32. Grand finales.
  33. Renaissance fairs.
  34. "World Theater"  (east + west traditions).
  35. Busking in a new town.
  36. Gypsy/Rom roots:  history & present day Gypsies.
  37. Busking resources.
  38. Books on Busking.
  39. Building a routine.
  40. Getting applause.
  41. MathTrick
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