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Traveling through the "Chamber of Destiny," explorers on the Indiana Jones™ Adventure encounter a mysterious world within the ancient Temple of the Forbidden Eye. Inside the chamber, the temple deity Mara peers into their hearts, bestowing upon them one of three magical gifts: Future Knowledge, the path to the left; Eternal Youth, the path to the right; or Earthly Riches, the center passageway. By the power of Mara, visitors are pulled through one of three sets of bronze doorways, receiving the gift they truly desire.

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The doors lead to the Observatory of the Future, the Chamber of Earthly Riches and the Fountain of Eternal Youth.

The left door, the Observatory of the Future is full of stars and the purple illuminated Amulet of Future Knowledge. It reveals the dreamlike thought transmissions of thought sent from the future.

The center door, the Chamber of Earthly Riches, brilliantly lit in shining gold, showers down upon the pure of heart more wealth than a man can carry.

The right door, the Fountain of Eternal Youth, glimmers with aqua light and drops your withered old shell of a body to restore it with a vigorous replacement of your former self.

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There are only three switches in the track, one at the beginning of the passenger loading zone, one where those two tracks comes together again, and the third is beneath the mirrors in the hall of promise. There are more track switches in the service bay, but there is no switch past the mirrors as you face the three doors in the Hall of Promise.

There are actually five doors and the walls on either side moves so only three of those are visible at any one time. Of the five doors, the four outside doors are dummies, just carved and painted on, while only the center door actually opens.
If you turn and look behind you after you pass through the doors you can see and hear the chain that drives the walls and the ceiling containing the lights above the doors, move.


The very large walls on either side of this photo are hinged right beside the cameraman, they connect to each end of an armature carrying the different colored lighting and the proscenium overhead. When the adventure first opened and lasting roughly longer than a year, the doors moved for each jeepload, left, center, right, center… which made both the left, future knowledge, and the right, eternal youth, rare as 25%, 50%, 25% with the center path, earthly riches more common.
This was changed to two left, one center, two right, and center…[repeat] both for the enjoyment of the guests getting the formerly rare rooms, and the maintenance reduction by balancing the track rehab to match the chamber rehab schedules.

This change accompanied other changes that allowed changing the height restriction from 48 inches to 46 inches such as guest vehicle seating areas by installing seat padding, padded rubber foam grips, a flooring with maximum coefficient of traction [like bus flooring] and a piece of angle iron bolted along the floor from door to door providing a foothold.
The programming was also changed, edited on a midi waveform program in an Atari with Video Toaster, toned down to help prevent the potential of hydraulic problems and guest injuries.

Very few guests, many quite intelligent, were unable to tell a difference in ride from the original, opening day, the first, normal operating day, or the lowered height restriction programming. Fewer still could discern the three doors effect, at least until they rode it several times, while most were convinced that there were three separate tracks through three separate show buildings.
The secret is well kept because of the trick change that occurs in the next room lights the fiber-optic ceiling eye projection for future knowledge, lights the golden glow of the background in earthly riches and the aqua filtered shimmerboard reflector, blown by a muffin fan, onto murals painted on cheese-cloth scrims in eternal youth. Wouldn't you know, the cheesiest effect is the most difficult to explain.
Of five, Four of them are faux doors, only one is truly a door, only three are visible at any given time because THE WALLS MOVE!

By the way, this effect could be very dangerous if one were to stand either side of the track, the floor shakes, the walls move very quickly with tremendous force and there is a turbulent wind. So this, like all of the other effects in this adventure should be treated like the Heavy Moving Equipment that it is, treated with respect for the potential of injury, and best enjoyed from ones seat.

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