Chapter Two


"My older sister paid for passage for both of us as well as helping me stay safely in New York. The trade was to bring along this troublesome one," Marion points to you, "so she could have a vacation of her own in the city. He has already caused quite a stir on board. But he saved this," she says as she hands Dr. Jones the Webbly revolver, he examines it as she continues, "and the artifact you requested." She begins to reach into her blouse but Indy stops her.

"Not here. Salah, please help with the cargo transfer. Now, Marion, tell me about your sisters kid, the Hero. I am listening." He pauses occasionally to direct the loading of a steam powered electricity generator onto the barge below your ship. "In the center!! I expect rough weather ahead!" He forgets for a moment he speaks English, his native tongue, then explains in perfect Bengaleese.

She tells him about the museum, of being followed and the narrow escape in New York, "It's a good thing I entrusted it you," Marion exclaims, patting your back, "or I would never have left the Bowery alive, You're a quick thinker."

"And quick on your feet, too. We might need that again soon." Indy advises, complementing you.

"The voyage to London was quick and uneventful, but your friend at Oxford almost got us killed." Marion complains. She spoke of wasting time while the copy of the Amulet of Mara was being too accurately reproduced by Marcus Brody, the bungled break in, the hostages, "Why don't the Bobbies just wear guns? We had to free ourselves. Our captor never expected me to box him in the jaw."

"Same Marion as always. You look marvelous!" Indy's attention was seized as the workers finished lashing the remaining bamboo to the barge. "Save the ammunition for the river boat, I want it handy. And be careful with that dynamite! Put it low on the outside of the barge. We can't afford the time to find another generator." he shouts to Salah lounging amid crates of wire, electric lamps and insulators while waving workers about. "We should leave before they load that, there were four tons of it, old, it must have sweated in the boxcar on a siding. Now we have just over two and a half tons and a very angry shipping agent and railroad."

"You mean T.N.T." you correct Indy.

"Right, let's go."

"Wait, this sounds dangerous," worries Marion, "My sister would have my life if I killed her child. Maybe it would be best if you stayed behind. You could take the train west..."

Indy points to the ship about to sail, "Or sail east to California as a guard for the artifacts. What would you like to do?"

Would you like to:
Ask Marion to join you on the train home. Turn to
page 32.
Complete a journey around the world by yourself. Turn to page 41.
Stay with Marion, Salah and Indy to face the danger together. Turn to page 27.

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