"I'm scared, lets go home, on the train."

Indy smiles and places his hand on your head. "Salah, take these two to the bank. They can complete the transaction there. Put the amulet in the vault, I'll see it later. Make sure they have first class tickets. I'll be at the hotel when I'm done here."

"Excellent, Indy." As he hustles you off. "We should be at the bank very soon and you should be wanting..."

"Goodbye, Indiana Jones." Marion runs to him and surprises him with a kiss. "We will meet again." she turns and joins you leaving a stunned professor trying to recall what orders he was about to give.

"You should be wanting to return home rapidly. I shall wire ahead for your passage to New York." Salah says as you approach the bank.

Marion trades the amulet for payment, a check drawn in United States dollars and a small purse of cloth filled with coins. You both bid Salah farewell. and make your way to the train station. During the wait of several hours you distinctly recognize your dark friend Eric watching you until you board the western train.

Happily, the journey home was pleasant without all the excitement of being a courier. Sadly you miss the company of Salah and your curiosity about Indiana Jones went unquenched.

In New York you tell your parents all the exciting news and they vow never to leave you alone with Marion again. None of your friends believe your elaborate story.

Several years later you receive a letter from the professor. It mentions that Mr. Jones (lacking bravado and insisting folks not be so formal calling him professor,) is back in New York for the opening of an exhibit of the pre and post colonial changes to Bengal Culture. It contains an invitation and two tickets.

The End

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