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lastshot.jpg Release SNAPSHOT BUTTON on Camera to UPLOAD this image. Click to update. … Update lastshot.jpg


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<8=o) …or update with when you (o=8>
RELEASE THE SNAPSHOT button on the camera front.

Store to the Web…

This is accomplished using the following CRON script stored in the cameraServer:

CRON script - Advanced Editor


Commented out with # is The trigger in minutes, hours, day of month, month of year, day of week, control input. The astrisk means all and when applied to control input means regardless of control input. All six asterisks is the equivalent of execute on each pass through script.
The ACTION loads hugesize.jpg as timeLapse to ftp host (hugesize.jpg does not update lastshot.jpg)
Terminate command with %.

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Non Authenticated communication <8=o)—

It has come to my attention that the wolves are at the door, and that the latch is broken is either no matter or a blessing 'cause the kitchen's on fire an' we'n all fixin' hunger vittles anyhow. Upin Painter Deser' yonder a Rainbow Ridge they is a hole bunches a sky piercin' pretty like a flamin' porkypine ina mellon ata night, but the other way 'round.

So is why I come to callin': I was told to marry the child with the moon and star on her head. And to teach her all of the secrets of the observable universe.—Wiz

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