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Bones has the most fun

My evil twin brother.

Bones is seen hanging out with other skeletons in the mummy room (wind chamber). Bones is actually in the attraction main show building itself and not in the queue. He is the skeleton hidden around behind the first arch on the left of the wind chamber, next to the emergency exit. His Mickey ears skull cap which was stapled to his head is like the ones that can purchased and embroidered anywhere in the park has 'Bones' embroidered between the (mouse) ears and a Skull and Crossbones covering the Mickey Mouse Club patch.
[I wonder if the servants of Mara have seen it fit to return the Hidden Mickey skullcap.] There is a story behind the "Bones Mickey":
The story goes that a Cast Member Lead walked the track after closing, which is a normal routine to pick up personal items violently wrenched, blown and thrown from guests. There is a great deal of that in this gusty area. Well, he decided that the "Bones Mickey" was a prank by fellow CM's who must have found and stapled one belonging to a guest up there onto Bones' skull, so he promptly tore it down. It is likely to have been returned to Lost and Found.

Bones has the most fun.

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Updated on 2012.11.04.

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