Chapter One

The Voyage

A knock on your stateroom door awakens you from your extraordinary dream of jeweled adornments and prized treasures falling from the ceiling into your outstretched arms. It is the ships purser, you realize, as you open the door. He is wearing a white uniform with copper naval buttons and a matching brimless hat above his strangely ageless face. A face with eyes of the blue of the sky.

"I apologize for waking you, Master but your Aunt Marion sent me to put the amulet in the ships safe. If you will sign here please."

He offers you a pen and extends a clipboard toward you. It has a receipt on it bearing Marion's signature.

"Apology accepted." you grumble as you recall the joy of the thought of all of those riches, of floating in brilliant daylight in a field of dazzling starlight and vaguely something about frighteningly deadly booby traps and flying rabid bats. "Perhaps that is why I'm so confused," you think to yourself, "Aunt Marion was on her way to a meeting with someone she didn't trust in the ships bar when she told me 'DO NOT mention the amulet to anyone.' just before she placed it in my hands and folded my fingers firmly and carefully around it. Why would she have given our secret away?"

Should You:
Reach under your shirt and remove the amulets chain from your neck,
Claim ignorance and explain "I haven't the foggiest of what you speak, Sir." or
Run between the cabin door and the blue eyed purser toward the staircase just beyond.

If you give him the amulet click your mouse pointer here to turn to page 8.
If you feign misunderstanding click your mouse pointer here to turn to page 5.
If you dare to escape click your mouse pointer here to turn to the next page, page 3.

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