"Don't be embarrassed. Here, I'll shut the portal for you." he says as he steps inside and locks the door with his key. He then quietly orders you to remove your shirt and pants and leave them on the bunk as he draws a rather large pistol from within his coat.

"The Amulet of Future Knowledge! Years have I pursued this and just like taking candy from a baby, Now it is mine!" With his left hand he reaches for the icon, his right descends sharply to the base of your skull connecting with the gun butt.

Pocketing his treasure, he ties you up with your own clothing and prepares to heave you overboard when he finds your swiss pocket knife in your trouser pocket. Having no need to torture you, he slowly retrieves a towel from the basin, wraps it about your neck, and cuts through your spinal cord using the bruise as a guide.

You have been good and done exactly what you were told. No one will ever know you followed the rules.

The End

Hint: The page numbers are not a clue. We will learn from Mara's Servants of the Temple that "Fortune favors the pure of heart." and "Look not with your eyes but with your heart." Indy once told you "Have courage, not senselessness." while telling you how he really was scared in the knights chapel but not foolish. Protect yourself as you read the book again. There are marvelous wonders ahead, just beyond the deadly booby traps.

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