Twisting to the left and jumping through the gap startles him and as he reacts by raising his hands in surprise he bumps the amulet under your shirt. Grabbing again he catches your scarf as you are ascending the narrow staircase. He slipped! He's stumbling down the staircase next to the outside rail of the ship.

If only you could release your scarf, he's got quite a grip and he is dragging you over the banister. His cap falls into the ocean below as he bellows "Here is your receipt!" and under his breath, "Attempting to escape only results in your capture." while flipping your feet into the air like a lever against the fulcrum of the banister by yanking your woolen neck warmer which is about to unravel.

He is stronger than he knows, but to your advantage now as you dangle precipitously 60 feet above the cold endless sea below.

"Allow me to assist you," he shouts, "there will be a small fee, about four inches across, I believe." he whispers in such a way you know instantly he refers to the Amulet you wear, but menacingly implying he'll have more.

If you reach for your pocket knife and cut your neckerchief, turn to the next page, Page 4.
If you allow the bald man to hoist you up and bring you to safety, turn to page 7.

Rope Bridge line

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Journal: Secrets of the Temple of the Forbidden Eye
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