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If you enjoyed this gratuitous version interactive novel so far, would like to read the rest to find out how it takes us to and through this fabulous Mecca for the Disney devout and the fortuitous traveler that you and I can visit.

Here is a sample from later in the book:

Five large round stones fall from the bowl of earthly riches. They contain diamonds and seem to glow inside. You place them together in your backpack and go out the way you came. The stones begin to shine brilliantly and shafts of light pierce the darkness through the knapsacks holes. Just past the door a terrific wind blows past and prevents your exit. You are slipping towards the gates of doom! The smell of fear and burning human flesh accosts your nostrils as you slip up the slope. The gates of doom are open now. Lightning flashes up the Tunnel of Torment as you plummet inward. Like a concentrated tide you stretch thin and long. You are not able to grip anything and the Jewel of Power begins to glow as you are drawn like a wire into it. You have vanished without a trace. It serves you right for being greedy and cheating Indy and yourself. You remember the translation of the roof of the Avenue of Voices, "The eye of Mara never sleeps.", and "The eye of Mara sees deceit." just before never ever thinking again.

Hint: By being curious you almost have the prize, but you beheld the eye of Mara in your haste.

Should you:
If you want to start over again you may bring a stroller and visit the Fountain of Eternal Youth, begin at chapter two, turn to page 23.
If you want to see what it will be like inside a cosmic black hole, visit the Observatory of the Future and turn to page 982.
If you want a silver platter and everything that goes with it read a holy book and make lots of friends.

"He's seen the cursed treasure"
"Ye may not survive to pass this way again"
Oops, wrong adventure —Wizard

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Journal: Secrets of the Temple of the Forbidden Eye
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