"Where have you been, and who is this?" Marion asks entering the room bearing a platter of fruit and a large bowl of steamed rice."

"Elam, this is Marion, Marion, Elam." you introduce, "And there is Professor Jones." you gesture to the figure illuminated near the candle on the desk who scrutinizes a large shred of parchment with a pocket lens, absorbed in his thoughts he is oblivious to your formal introduction.

"Pleased to greet you, Marion." she begins to curtsy, then stops and holds out her right hand.

Marion places an apple in it saying "You're not used to being a boy. Here, have you eaten today?"

"No, No. I am interested in meeting a real professor. What do you study?" walking to him, then taking a small bite of the fruit.

Indy, consumed by the ancient fragment he studies, barely notices the question, and less the questioner. "It is an indication of our final destination. Together with the map, this remainder should lead us to the Temple of the Forbidden Eye. We leave in the morning!"

He bursts to his feet, excited that the expedition will get under way, knocking Elams arm, who was looking at the map over his shoulder, and launching the apple.

"Who are you?" Indy interrogates, feeling sheepish having revealed his goal to a stranger.

Calm and caring not where the apple landed, Elam advises "There is no final destination. Life is a flow unending.

"I know of this temple and its deity, Mara. It has been lost many lifetimes, many say for good. My horse fell into a sinkhole by the river near my home as a child. No one would help me get him. They were frightened by the legends, Legends of great gifts and lost family. They were mournful of those who had gone before and never returned from it's allure."

Marion, being practical as always, brings in the rest of the food and bids the group to sit and eat. Indy, fascinated by the story of Elam, ignores his meal. She continues as Marion and yourself finish your supper.

"I don't remember much of my journey here. I was too fond of playing games and talking with my brother to have paid attention to our route."

As the table candle burns to its end, Indy requests more information about the temple, Marion clears the table and you prepare for bed. When it consumes itself Marion suggests that there is plenty of room with her and that Elam should sleep in her room and join us in the morning.

You remember not having told them where you have been, or how you met Elam. Adjusting the amulet for comfort, you question yourself how was it that she be so young yet able to ride a horse, just before dozing off for the night.

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