Inside the front door at the base of the stairs is the receptionist who asks "What is your hurry?"

You tell him that Indiana Jones is in trouble and there is someone at the hotel now who is about to poison him.

"How do you know this?" he asks.

"Because I'm wearing the ..."

Just then the Ambassador catches your eye as she descends the staircase. You begin to run to her when a marine grabs your arm. "Release!" she commands, "Let this one up." Slowly you climb the staircase together. "How can I help you, you are from New York aren't you?"

"Yes, Indiana Jones and my Aunt Marion may be getting killed at this moment! You must send some marines to my hotel to stop it."

"We know about them and they are perfectly safe. "Guard! What is the report from Elam?"

"She says the amulet is about the waist." reports the Marine in full dress.

"Take the Amulet and return him to our guests."

"Salah, Marion and Indy are waiting downstairs. You may join them if you give the Amulet to me. I will see that it goes to it's rightful place."

You glance at the guard at the door. You remove the amulet and place it on her desk.

"This one is free to leave. Visas revoked next ship home." The tone of the ambassador's voice insinuates that she is done with you. She turns her chair and you are escorted downstairs by a white gloved marine, where Indy, Salah and Marion await you just inside the great doors.

"Inciting international conflict... question of ownership... undeclared possession..." Indy mumbles in anguish as he walks you to the docks on the river. "We should have made two copies and brought one along to drop as a decoy, as well as leaving one on display in the museum. But with monsoon season coming and a winter solstice deadline for the excavation we wouldn't have had time..."

"Can't we send for the copy? That would help us find the location of the temple." Marion addresses the problem.

"You held them both, you know the difference," Indy charges, "only the one in that office can show us the way."

Salah feels the pain for his friend's lost expedition and remains silent.

You are offered a low paying odd job by Indy of preventing damage to crates of stone statues and tablets bound for San Francisco, which you accept.

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