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which powers the temple.

You will notice that the lamps dim when the generator slows. This is because the boiler pressure is set at seventy-five pounds/square inch. The generator is automatically throttled by a spinning automatic governor which is supposed to maintain constant speed. When the temple first opened, the gauge read 120 p/si while the painted note on it said "Keep below 80!" Many of the parents, who were waiting with their children in this area, were, like fuming live steamers, concerned about the safety practices of our expedition guides by this potentially explosive situation.

Salah's ingenious generator rig was a kit-bash of parts - water tank, boiler, throttle, injector and piston flywheel assembly from a dilapidated flat-bottom riverboat junglecruiser, winch from logging donkey, and DC magneto along with a new set of carbon brushes which "appeared miraculously" the night before we shipped the expedition upriver (nor does it appear on our manifests or bill of lading.) All of this was assembled onto a pallet with reinforced skids and fitted to accept axles or barge. The first boiler was wood-burning and served us well as the rig was fitted to the expedition barge which helped propel the strange craft with a propeller shaft on flat water and the winch was indispensable for climbing whitewater while groups of the expedition party were directed to gather fuel from the dense jungle. Indiana Jones would send a scout back from the advance party to guide our route each day. The perilous journey was beset with several minor delays, mostly of clearing the river of overgrowth and submerged obstacles which barred forward progress and one major setback when the lashing snapped which had secured the coils of wire, light-bulbs, sockets and fixtures/hangers. The good news is the crates of light-bulbs acted as a float while the spools fendered the rocky bottom and besides needing a good drying out, survived the ordeal intact. The bad news is an enterprising junglecruise skipper recovered the whole shebang as salvage and basically held it for ransom. That opportune scavenger served us well by accident, for in addition to recovering what would otherwise been lost, he ended up delivering it to the Lost Delta Camp, and in the meanwhile of using the rig winch to clear the camp, gave the engineer time to rebuild the generator with the new brushes. So by the time we were ready for the light strings we had settled for them as part of the price was negotiated with the promise of riches from the temple - that was the day the boiler exploded.

Jewelry and ancient coin was the reward for copper coils and light-bulbs. We had unknowingly, or at least unplanned, been of service to one another. Skipper to us by balancing our load and toting the gear to the camp, and our expedition to the skipper by opening up a new niche of trading opportunity by clearing the river for navigation. As luck would have it, we were able to negotiate for his kerosene tank and boiler which powered his boat, and as he departed wealthy downstream with a dead-stick tiller and orders to re-supply the camp and return with more kerosene as well. It was a problem which had been looming over the expedition plans which had solved itself in a fashion - establishing a supply line. And speaking of supply lines, with the extra piping and adapters we were able to locate the boiler to a safer location away from the generator.

Indiana is at this very moment attempting to locate the Jewel of Power, neither for it's illustrious luster nor it's incredible value as a gem or artifact, but to restore it to it's proper place, or rather to restore it's proper place to it. The natives agree with this and are only too eager to assist, being very helpful with the excavation, but more often than not their aggressive eagerness is interfering with and getting in the way of our archaeological goals. When the ingenious mechanisms which used the Jewel of Power to provide heat, light and other temple utilities (some of which were perilous) are restored, only then can Indy resume his research without relying upon the awkwardly temperamental and inadequate generator.

Generator which powers the temple.

3D, Generator, Lost Delta Camp, Indiana Jones™ Adventure - The Temple of the Forbidden Eye, Adventureland, Disneyland®, Anaheim, California, 2009.02.23 13:16

3D, Generator, Lost Delta Camp, Indiana Jones™ Adventure - The Temple of the Forbidden Eye, Adventureland, Disneyland®, Anaheim, California, 2009.02.23 13:17

3Dh, Generator, Lost Delta Encampment queue, Indiana Jones™ Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye, Adventureland, Disneyland®, Anaheim, California, color slow shutter, Hyper 3D, 2008.06.08 23:56

3Dh, Generator, Lost Delta Encampment queue, Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye, Adventureland, Disneyland®, Anaheim, California, color slow shutter, Hyper3D, 2008.06.08 23:55

3D, Generator, Lost Delta Camp, Indiana Jones™ Adventure - The Temple of the Forbidden Eye, Adventureland, Disneyland®, Anaheim, California, 2009.02.23 13:17

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When the attraction first opened, the connecting rod from the piston cross-head to the flywheel was missing, but the generator continued to operate.

The flywheel is actually driven by a rubber wheel attached to a motor which is hidden under a wooden crate.

Both the motor speed and the light brightness are controlled by the queue sound which is fed to the speakers near the generator and to SCR's or silicon control rectifiers which simultaneously modulate the voltage sent to both the strings of 75W roughhouse [urethane dipped] 120-130v Phillips lamp bulbs as well as to the DC motor, which varies its speed as the modulated voltage acts as a rectifier for it's speed.

When the '30s themed lights strung above throughout the queue are lit to full brightness and no longer dim the adventure is "101", "down" or experiencing a delay while troop transports are being switched out. The wires strung throughout the temple do not actually power the lamps. The power is sent through the fixtures where they attach to the walls and the well themed, braided cloth wrapped cord is actually unterminated [no connection] contemporary high bandwidth coaxial cable which is designed for constant flexing, such as for installation in elevator cable guideway chains.

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