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"Where in Disneyland?"
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Join Indy on a 3D Adventure!
Join Indy on a 3D Adventure! Click most images here, that will take you to where there are thousands of 3D photos of Disneyland!

3D without Glasses

There are two types of Stereo 3D freeviwing [S3D], two main flavors - parallel (also known as divergent or wall-eyed) and cross-eye.
Both call for the viewer to re-register his gaze to make two side-by-side pictures overlap. This is called Freeviewing.
Freeviewing has nothing to do with the cost or charge or fees. Freeviewing means without additional equipment - such as special glasses.
To see Parallel Freeview Stereo, spread your eyes, relax and gaze beyond to view the right image with the right eye and the left image with the left.
To see Cross-eye Freeview Stereo, view the right image with the left eye and the left with the right.
Cross-eye stereographs are scalable and full color, they work just as well on your computer as the small display of a mobile-phone, or projected on the side of a building. And no glasses are needed, anyone can wander by and enjoy them. Anyone able to throw the switch in their head that is.
This video-tutorial demonstrates cross-eye 3D viewing techniques, where your sight lines cross to overlap the pictures.

Crosseye 3D practice image Small Practice image.
Into the Cave of the Stoned Tiger, secrets revealed,… hey! THAT's MY Line!

yt3D, Tour Walkthrough Part1, Indiana Jones™, Temple of the Forbidden Eye
Take a 3D Tour with Wiz, or

3D Movie (No glasses required) 1979

Use cross-eye or parallel 3D free-viewing to astound your companions with your solving speed. Use cross-eye or parallel 3D free-viewing to astound your companions with your solving speed. You can quickly scan both images simultaneously. The discrepancies just jump out at you, while similarities are easily ignored, they blend into the interpretation that things are as they should be. Keep your new skill secret and instantly wow your friends, or win bar races!

Six differences Solution

Have you got it?
Now join Indy on a 3D Adventure!
Simply click on any of the images below
they will take you to
where there are thousands of 3D photos of Disneyland!

3D stereo-optical VIDEO viewing.

No special viewer, monitor or glasses are needed.

Just cross your eyes, put the left eye on the right image and the right eye on the left. That's for both styles, the new single play, and the old style independent pairs.
The new replacement videos are synchronized by me and rendered cross-eye with Stereo Movie Maker, a free download.
When viewed on YouTube, these cross-eye 3D videos are tagged with yt3d:enable=RL so they allow the viewer to select anaglyph (red/blue glasses), interlaced (left/right flicker glasses) for those of us unable to spread our eyes (parallel free-viewing) or cross them (cross-eye freeviewing (without glasses)).

For the legacy old style independent pairs that remain, it is up to you to synchronize the timing of the images.
Start both videos, one will be ahead of the other. Adjust the latency with the pause in the lower left corners.
You can hear how much to adjust synch-latency by the "echo".
Viewing 3D Videos

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You can capture your own 3D images quite easily just by snaping one image, shifting about the distance of your eyes and capturing another. But what about processing it so other may enjoy them too? Find out more about making and distributing 3D at:
How to Join Stereo Pairs for cross-eye free-viewing, using Gimp, by Dr. Disney Wizard
How to Join Stereo Pairs for cross-eye free-viewing, using Gimp, by Disney Wizard
Similar tecniques can be used with Photoshop, and the process of joining your stereo-pairs can be automated with
  • StereoPhoto Maker and StereoMovie Maker by Masuji SUTO

  • 3D Experiment blog

  • Youtube Changing The YT3D Tags

  • Enhanced Dimensions

  • YouTube in 3D

  • 3D Vision Blog

  • stereo yt3d - Google Search

  • Discussing New YouTube 3D tag details in Stereo Videography

  • And a community discussion around 3D: YouTube 3D forum
    ======== quoted from "Putting 3D content on YouTube" ========
     Setting up your 3D video on Youtube
    In order for a video to be viewed properly in 3D, YouTube needs specific information, including:
        indicators that identify the video as 3D
        signals that explain how the Left and Right videos are placed in the frame (for example,
        side-by-side or top and bottom)
    If the video was recorded using a 3D camera, it will usually have the above signals (you should
    see a 3D icon on the bottom right corner of the player). However, if it doesn't, you'll need to
    specify that the video is 3D by following the steps below:
        Log into your YouTube account
        Go to your video once it's been uploaded
        Click on Edit Video Detail above the video
        Select 3D Video on the right hand side of the banner
        Choose the appropriate placement of the two videos from the various options.
    Setting the 3D metadata using tags (ie, "yt3d:enable=LR” or “yt3d:swap=true")
    is no longer supported and should not be used for newly uploaded videos.
    === FORMER METHOD ===
    Q: I have content that's already recorded in a particular format:
    A: YouTube (NO LONGER [ED]) recommends that you upload video in side-by-side squashed Left/Right.
    We also currently support (FORMERLY SUPPORTED) the following formats:
    yt3d:enable=LR: Side by side squashed left eye frame on left, right eye on right - recommended
    yt3d:enable=RL: Side by side squashed, right eye frame on left, left eye frame on right - old format but no longer recommended
    yt3d:enable=LonR: Top frame is left eye, bottom frame is right eye
    yt3d:enable=RonL: Top frame is right eye, bottom frame is left eye
    Note, we no longer support these tags and they should not be used:

    Adjust Music: Play Indy MIDI —o=8>

    Updated on 2012.11.05.
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    "Where in Disneyland?"
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