"Salah see to it that our cargo is secure and put our friend on the manifest as security personnel. Bye kid. Too bad you couldn't stick around. We could have used some help where we're going." and before you have a chance to answer Indy turns and disappears with Marion among the crowd on the dock.

"You will no doubt be having many stories to tell your companions. I should wish to be in them." Salah suggests while he makes arrangements for your passage. "Well my friend your ship is about to sail and your luggage is aboard. Ships at sea wait for no man! Pleasant journey. Good-by now. Good-by." he beckons from dockside. You catch a glimpse of a bald blue eyed sailor standing in the window of a warehouse as your ship sets sail.

The trip is not as pleasant as the first as you are made to sleep in the hold, eat rotten potatoes, and assemble brooms from straw and bamboo. After what seems forever you are let out by riding one of Indy's crates up into blinding sunlight and you no longer feel so ill. "Here is a telegram for you." Marcus Brody says as he greets you on the dock in San Francisco. "Your mother will see you at Grand Central Station when your train arrives. I will help you catch the ferry to Oakland, but you'll have to wait for the train alone."

The telegram says the expedition failed, couldn't locate the temple. Lost the generator when lightning struck the barge. Marion, Indy.

The End

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Journal: Secrets of the Temple of the Forbidden Eye
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