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In many scales, from the Satellite View of America

Disneyland, Guest Area, Cut Out, small (7x7.3") 507x524

Satellite View of Disneyland Park guest area This collection of small and large images were mosaiced together Christmastime 2007. Toy Story Midway Mania is under construction in Disney's California Adventure (not yet renamed without the apostrophe "s") in preparation for the construction of Cars Land. These are large images. The last one at the bottom, Disneyland Detail, prints out 58 square feet, larger than the floorplan of my bathroom! It is 8 1/2 feet tall, (81.778x103.111") built of 5888x7424 pixels.

July 17, 1955 Disneyland opening day, featured Satellite View of America and the "Mighty Aluminum Telescope" in The Kaiser Aluminum Hall of Fame attractions which pale in comparison to contemporary technology delivery by internet, allowing anyone with a application to zoom out to a world view from any pinpoint on earth. That was quite an involved animation to create in 1955 as we view the floor screen projection of the "Disneyland Spaceport" diminish beneath the clouds in our TWA Rocket to the Moon!

Disneyland Resort, Post Card, Detail, with Text (7x10'') 3394x4769Satellite view of the Disneyland Resort
Anaheim California

Disneyland, Detail (81.778x103.111")  8 1/2 feet tall, 58 square feet! 5888x7424 Disneyland, Detail (81.778x103.111")  8 1/2 feet tall, 58 square feet! 5888x7424
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Rope Bridge line

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