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Frank Wells
Frank Wells advises Mark Turner about upcoming Indiana Jones Adventure.

Frank Wells advises Mark Turner about upcoming spectacular Indiana Jones Adventure just before groundbreaking on July 17, 1990.
I would also like to thank Frank Wells for all of his encouragement to develop this website.

Chairman of the Walt Disney Corporation Board of Directors, he was Michael Eisner's boss. It's really too bad that all of the really important folks I knew at Disney are somewhere else now. Once I was up on the Twenty-Third floor of the WDC building and told Michael Eisner "It's too bad you are not Frank Wells." The way he was taken aback he must have initially thought I was a terrorist assassin. But he calmly asked "Why?" "Because Frank Wells was my hero." He nodded his head in agreement. I was one of the last people to ever see Mr. Wells alive in Los Angeles. I drove him and his skis to the airport. I think Mr. Eisner didn't expect "My Hero," he may have expected "Dead" though, it had been a year or so since Mr. Wells died on that ski trip. I liked Eisner better when he was pitching scripts wildly dancing on tables at Paramount. I was at Paramount way back when it was Gulf & Western, back when taping Mork & Mindy across the way was the hottest ticket in town. I was just a kid, hanging out at Stage 29 back when it was a huge blue screen cyclorama with floor cameras that were linked by an S-100 computer to control the motion of a periscope camera down in a miniature set, an early cost saving technique called Magicam, which was later supplanted by CGI.

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