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Mara offers your gifts in the Hall Of Promise.

Traveling beyond one of the three passageways in the "Chamber of Destiny," fortunate explorers aboard the Indiana Jones™ Adventure enter the "Hall of Promise." Inside, the temple deity Mara displays all the wonders of the gift they are about to receive - if they can obey the one temple rule: "Look not into the eyes of Mara." A terrible, tortuous fate awaits the foolhardy visitor who dares to gaze into the eyes of the idol, as they will be banished through the "Gates of Doom" from which there is no return.
The Adventureland attraction is now open at Disneyland.

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The Deity of the temple greets you and showers you with the chosen gift.

Mara offers your gifts in the Hall Of Promise.

If you haven't seen any open eyes during your visit then you are sent into the vast underground chamber that supplies you with those gifts of your most secret desire.

Just around the corner, take a deep whiff. That's the smell of fear. It's not piped in, although it does smell similar to the Bengal Barbecue. It is exuded from the guests as they whip around this suddenly frightening turn. The same smell is present at the rolling boulder. The air is disturbed more there, so you won't smell it as pungently, just more pervasive.

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Journal: Secrets of the Temple of the Forbidden Eye
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